The Secrets of Great Leadership

Leadership has been a lifelong study of mine. If I had to make one definitive statement concerning the topic it would be: “Everything in life rises and falls on leadership." When I observe a great leader I try to get close to them and listen to them. Then I try to absorb their values and emulate their behaviors. There are many factors involved in leadership ... vision, ability, opportunity, training, etc. However, every great leader that I have been around talks about 3 keys to leadership that bring you from good to great.


The heart of leadership. Peter, the disciple had passion. He had a get out of the boat mentality. At one point he told Jesus…”Lord, I will die for you”. He did. You must love what you do and believe in the mission.  If you do not enjoy what you do your passion will run out and without passion you will never be able to lead effectively. A sense of God’s calling to what you do is the key to passion.


You must perform your mission with excellence… if it is worth doing it is worth doing well.  Excellence in most cases is an issue of the intellect. Thinking your mission. You can only do something well if you pay attention to the details.  Joseph … made the most of every opportunity. Even when he became a slave or when he was put into jail he was marked with excellence. Be excellent over the small things and you will be prepared for excellence when the big things come.


Always doing the right thing in every situation. Integrity is an issue of character.  Making the right decision based on your character is seldom easy, popular, or inexpensive but it is always the best choice.    

Jesus … showed impeccable character in every situation, especially in the Garden of Gethsemane. He did not want to go through with the pain and suffering that was before him and asked the Father (His leader) to change the plan. When the answer came… Jesus followed through even though it cost him everything.

God blesses integrity more than any other key ingredient in our live.

Good leaders will have 2 of these 3 characteristics. Great leaders will have all 3 of these keys. Leadership is more than principles because all the great leaders that I have known had a vibrant relationship to Christ and sought the leadership of the Holy Spirit on a continued basis. Be that leader that exhibits the mark of His love and grace in your life.