Radiance Ministries has been all over the world spreading the hope and love of Jesus. Here's what people are saying about Ray and his ministry.

Mike Harland

Director of Worship, LifeWay Christian Resources

Every soldier should study the enemy. But, that’s the not the only subject they should work at knowing well. They also should become completely aware of their fellow soldiers. They know their movements and capabilities, weaknesses and insufficiencies. In the heat of the battle, they depend on their fellow soldiers to have their back as they are confronting the enemy and help their comrades by calling out a weakness that could bring them down.

Ray Jones has been that for me.

He has cheered for me and challenged me. He has walked the road of worship leadership as a fellow soldier and has inspired me to reach for the same. He has called out the best biblical ideals of worship leadership and rightly questioned the practices that fall outside the field manual.

Ray has been on the front lines and in the strategy meetings. He knows the enemy and knows the soldiers that serve. He also knows the One in whose name we march.

Any Captain leading the army of God in worship would do well to listen to him. He knows a thing or two because he has seen a thing or two.

I’m really glad to have a friend like Ray Jones.

Craig Gilbert, D.W.S.

Coaching & Consulting
Purposed Heart Ministries

What can I say about Ray Jones? I can spend time telling you about his experience and success with music groups of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. I could tell you about the incredible depth of knowledge he has in music production and publication gained through years of leadership and experience. I could tell you about his passion and ability to connect to others when leading in any capacity.

But, I would rather tell you about the depth behind the obvious skills that Ray brings to the table. In my experience Ray is one of the most knowledgeable and talented leaders of worship that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I know of no one with more experience and insight into multigenerational worship in both theory and practice than Ray. He is also incredibly gifted in bringing value, quality, and a deep spiritual reality to worship in settings so large that they could easily dwarf and hide the incredibly deep nuance and invitation into God’s presence that Ray’s worship designs reveal. Still, he can also design and lead services so small and intimate that no weakness can be hidden and yet only quality, forethought, and dynamic opportunity for worship is revealed.

Yes, I consider Ray to be a great friend. But, as a consultant and coach of church’s myself, I can think of no greater friend to worship for the global Church than Ray Jones. Any church or ministry lucky enough to have Ray Jones on their side embracing any and all opportunities for growth and development is assured of achieving great things, through God’s grace and the gifts God has bestowed on this wonderful leader.

Still not convinced? Give me a call anytime. I would relish the opportunity to tell you first hand the things that I have seen and the ways that I believe Ray Jones can help any church in need.

Tom Tillman

Music and Worship Lead, Texas Baptists

Ray Jones is the ultimate Worship Pastor’s Pastor. I had the privilege of hearing Ray speak to a large group of worship leaders recently. His giftedness extends beyond his musicianship as he was brought in to
be the morning preacher of an annual church music conference I attend. Ray demonstrates Godly wisdom not only in his speaking to groups, but on one-on-one relationships as well. I would highly recommend him to speak at your next event!

Powerful and passionate, with a voice the church and our worship leaders and teams need to hear!

For the entire time I have known Ray, his mission has been to glorify God in his life and to lead and equip others to do the same.  Ray always does a great job as he teaches, leads, and encourages people to serve and lead in a way that points people to a true heart for worshipping the Lord.  From his platform as a worship leader, author, writer, and servant, Ray inspires and encourages your people in the areas of worship and life.    I have personally invited Ray to lead worship and speak at events, and our people love his heart for God.  I would encourage you to do the same. 

Dr. Randy C. Lind

Worship & Music Specialist Equipping Ministries, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

Ray Jones and his team expertly led our 2018 CMM Church Music Mississippi state worship leadership conference this summer. Ray blessed us, out of the overflow of his deep love for the Lord Jesus, with the depth of his wisdom gained from many years of frontline ministry. Every session was filled with invaluable content and memorable stories, resulting in lots of discussion among our conferees.

Our leaders immediately related to and connected with Ray! He was prayed up and prepared. He was hilarious and inspiring. Ray facilitated for us an incredible time with God. As I reflect on this fantastic weekend with Ray, I’m thrilled to share with you that the Lord was glorified through every word and song.

I am grateful to God for Ray’s personal investment in our state’s worship leaders! I guarantee you too will be blessed by this incredibly gifted servant of God.

Slater Murphy

Director of Church Music, Mississippi Baptist Convention

Dr. David manner

Associate Executive Director of the Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists

I first met Ray Jones a number of years ago when we were both teaching breakouts at a worship conference. None of the other breakout leaders wanted to teach at the same time Ray did so we could not only sit in on his class but also so we didn’t have to compete with his packed room.

One thing I quickly noticed was that Ray had the unique ability to speak the language of and relate to the small church volunteer music leader as well as the large church worship pastor. He obviously teaches from a perspective based on decades of experience leading a large worship ministry but actually the foundation of his teaching is a pastoral heart.

I had the privilege as president of the Baptist Church Music Conference this year to ask Ray to lead a couple of sessions for our annual conference. His understanding and practical experience with intergenerational worship resonated so well with our theme of “One Generation to Another.”

Ray’s challenging thematic messages crossed all stylistic, generational and cultural barriers by reminding us all that our biblical, theological and relational worship foundations are the same even when our worship expressions might be different. His teaching was one of the highlights of our event.

I am certainly excited about the future potential for worship renewal around the world through Ray Jones and Radiance Ministries and can’t wait to have him invest in the worship leaders of the churches in our convention.

Ivan Chan Lok Sang

My name is Ivan Chan. I’m 26 years old and I am serving as a worship leader at Kowloon International Baptist Church in Kowloon, Hong Kong. I met Pastor Ray in May 2018 when he and Christopher held a worship conference at our church. I had the privilege to travel
alongside with Pastor Ray in August 2018 for 2 weeks.

During the time, we travelled for worship, for workshops, for churches, for family, for food and for a lot of memories. Pastor Ray was not only an eloquent speaker; more importantly, he exemplified to me how to be a ‘servant leader’— to be humble to learn, to uphold the biblical principles, and to love the team like Jesus loves us.

I praise God for having Pastor Ray to be my mentor whom I can call a friend in my ministry, for his language creates cultures in which the next generation is invited and challenged to serve the Lord our God constantly; to go further and train up future generations to be
worshippers of God. Thank you, Pastor Ray. To God be the glory forever!

I know of few people on the planet with a heart for leading worship like Ray Jones. His experience,  expertise, and constant striving for excellence across all genres of music give him the knowledge and wisdom he needs to effectively draw crowds of every age into the presence of the Lord.

Ray is a leader among leaders and I have personally gone to him on many occasions to seek his advice. I love his passion, his love for others, and his undying commitment to the Great Commission.

If you are considering using Ray for an event, choir retreat, leadership training, or Bible teaching, let me encourage you to make the call. You will be grateful you did, and so will your people.

Charles Billingsley

I have had the blessing of knowing Ray Jones for the last 10 years. He has been a mentor, friend, teacher, encourager and inspiration to me and the ministry I serve. This last July, I asked Ray to come and speak for all the worship services of our church. As expected, Ray brought a exceptional message concerning the “Why of Worship” to our church. This message is still being talked about today in all areas of the church. I am in the process of asking Ray to come back for a weekend and invest his teaching into the worship and media ministry of Southcrest. I would encourage you to utilize the wisdom of talent of one of the greatest men I know in any setting. 

Jerry L. Newman

Executive Pastor of Worship/Media, Southcrest Baptist Church

Michael Adler

Worship Pastor, Shades Mountain Baptist Church

Ray Jones has been my friend, fellow worship leader, confidant and brother in the Lord for over twenty years.  We started out serving in the same city, but even as I moved away, Ray and I have stayed connected; not because of geography, but I believe because of purpose.  We have taught and led at conferences together, we have had countless phone conversations about the work of ministry and we have prayed for each other.  Ray is not just a gifted worship leader, he is one of the more intentional, purposeful ministers I know.  He sets his course based on the heart of God living inside.  He focuses all of his attention on that purpose and then just sets out to do it.  He’s not pausing for the praise of men or to collect awards along the way, his eyes are fixed on Jesus.  He’s not perfect, but he has had one of the most effective and enduring ministries I’ve seen in my lifetime.  I’m really grateful to know him and to call Ray Jones my friend.

Ray Jones has been a one of my very best friends for the last 25 years. Of
ALL the people I have known in my lifetime, Ray has been the MOST positive influence over me and my family. Ray and I have worked together producing music - over 50 album projects! He serves as the music producer, I am the engineer.

List of Top Ten Things That Ray is Good At (in no particular order):

  1. Leading and inspiring church choirs

  2. Preaching on stage in front of 10,000 people

  3. Being a strong leader of his own family

  4. Giving valuable advice when needed

  5. Motivating others

  6. Great worship leader and singer

  7. Amazing sense of pitch, harmony, rhythm, and timing

  8. Very capable musical arranger

  9. Accomplished songwriter, both music and lyrics

  10. Being a friend

Here is a list of things Ray is not good at:

  • None

He's even a pretty good basketball player. Could have played college

Marius pErron

Grammy-award-winning Music Producer and Engineer

John Brewer

Associate Pastor of Worship, First Baptist Church, Mustang, Oklahoma

If I could list three of the most influential persons that have impacted my life in the ministry, Ray Jones would be among them. His heart for biblical worship, multi-generational leadership, and using music as an outreach tool to engage the lost with the gospel forever influenced the way I structure my own worship ministry that God has entrusted to me. Ray has performed a weekend workshop with my worship team, his book, “Will You Worship” has served as a discipleship tool for my choir and orchestra, and I have partnered with Ray at a number of conferences where he was able to serve as a teacher, mentor, and voice of encouragement to those that attended. He and his team are encouragers and leave the aroma of Christ wherever they go. Anyone who seeks to partner with Radiance Ministries to strengthen and equip their team of worship leaders will be blessed beyond measure.

Tim Phillips

Worship Pastor, PromiseLand Church

In the 25+ years I’ve known Ray, he has never stopped developing, discipling, and caring for people, and I’m honored to count myself as one of them. He’s a mentor, pastor, spiritual father, and dear friend and is the single greatest influence on my life, ministry, and walk with Jesus. He taught me to worship, to love people, and to lead them authentically. 

Ray is a champion of others, of multi-generational worship, and of raising up the next generation of worship leaders. He is a naturally gifted evangelist and his desire to bring worship outside the walls of the church is contagious. 

Ray Jones is a true man of God, and I’m blessed to know him.

Man, where do I begin?!?!

Ray Jones, without doubt, is one of the most influential people in my life. In a time where I lost my father, Ray cared for me like another son. His love for Jesus, and his love for me and my family were at some of the most pivotal times in my life.

For most of my life growing up I felt like a failure. Six years with Ray, I never felt destroyed or beaten up. I always felt respected and valued for what I did and brought to the table. Ray does, and will always, mean a lot to me.

Alan Billman