Radiance Ministries is all about empowering and equipping worshipers around the world.



Our ministry has always been geared toward helping the local church. No matter the size or what the need should be, we want to help! We can do Worship Retreats, Church-wide Weekends of Worship, Speaking Engagements, or visit as guest worship leaders. We will tailor our ministry to the needs of your congregation.


International training

Radiance is committed to international ministry, having provided worship training and ministry in El Salvador, Haiti, Mexico, Costa Rico, Honduras, Moldova, Israel, and Italy. Going forward, we have plans to be in Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, and South Africa. This will be a major part of our future as the Lord allows us to invest globally. Our book Will You Worship? has already been translated into Spanish and Russian, so our training has reached several countries through print that we have not yet had the opportunity to visit.



God has given us the opportunity to produce over 55 Worship CDs in the past, and we will continue to do that in addition to producing print music projects with our friends Prism Music. We plan on expanding our ministry by producing foreign language projects in the areas God has planted us to minister. We have already produced three projects for the Uganda Children’s choir, three Spanish projects, and one Russian project. If you are interested in our print music, visit Prism Music to find 20 projects already completed. We also have a book called Will You Worship? that has been a tool for churches to help their congregants renew their personal worship life. More writing projects are in the works for the near future.


Worship Leaders Conference

Over the last 10 years, we have invested a great deal of time speaking, leading, and working with the National Worship Leader Conference and the Experience Conference. We've also worked with many other local and regional worship conferences helping to inspire and train worship leadership from all around the country. Ray presently serves on the Board for National Worship Leader Conference and has served on the Experience Conference Steering Committee for four years.


A Family Ministry

Ray and Andrea have always included the family in the work that God has given them. David, Jonathan, Benjamin, and Christopher have traveled extensively with Radiance Ministries and will continue to make guest appearances with the ministry from time to time. Each of these sons are gifted and understand the concepts of worship that Radiance has been sharing for all these years. Family has been important to Ray and Andrea, and God has blessed this family with wonderful children that love God and desire to serve Him. The newest members of this team are the Daughters-in-law, Liz and Katie, that faithfully serve in their local churches. The grandchildren are also talented and have already begun to serve as well.