God's Word for Your Healing

Several years ago, Andrea came to me with an idea about putting all the Scriptures regarding healing on a tape. We did one unprofessionally at first and it became such a powerful tool that we finally went into the studio and recorded those Scriptures along with some confessions of faith. We then sent that tape to Brian Duncan and he laid a bed of music under the spoken Word. Over the years, we have given out thousands of these tapes and told people to use this tape as a prescription for their health and recovery from sickness, crisis and devastation. God’s Word is very powerful and gives healing to every situation.  We have numerous testimonies from many folks about how God has used this tape to bring about their healing both physically and emotionally. Without getting into a deep theological discussion let me say that we do not understand why some are healed and some are not healed… we still fully believe in the fact that God is sovereign and that His Word is true.

That being said… often God tests His word out in our lives. A few weeks ago I went to the Doctor to get my shoulder checked out and while there had a physical. To make a long story short, after another Doctor visit and a biopsy, I received a diagnosis that I had a malignancy of the prostate. Because of early detection the malignancy is very small, contained and not life-threatening. After a few hard days, Andrea and I both realized that God was going to do what He promised in His word and we both have claimed healing over this disease. I will have surgery on Nov. 15 and ask that you all pray and agree with us for healing and total restoration of my body. God is faithful and we know that He has shown himself strong in our behalf.

Maybe you are facing something like this or even greater. I want to challenge you to take these scriptures to heart. Begin with Proverbs 4:20-22, that tells us to take God’s Word like medicine. Some others to meditate on are: Psalm 34:19, Psalm 30:2, Psalm 103:2,3 , Psalm 107:20, Jeremiah 17:14, Mark 11: 23-24. Remember that we are “more than conquerors” and it is time to take authority over your own personal crisis by claiming God’s Word.

If you are going through a struggle and need prayer please contact us so we can pray for you… we also are getting the healing tape transferred to CD and it will be available in a few weeks. Let us know if you need one of these CD’s and we will send you one.